eZee Optimuse

All-in-one restaurant POS system that is user-friendly and affordable

Ready to offer a touch-free customer service at your restaurant?

Contactless hospitality is going to be the new normal. And sooner or later, whenever you start receiving customers at your restaurant, they’d expect a touch-free and safe service combined with all the precautions taken from your end. This FREE guide includes all the steps you need to take to provide a touch-free service to customers – from ordering to making digital payments.

Restaurant Front Office Management

The POS for restaurants is meant to simplify every minor to the major operation of your eatery. eZee Optimus organizes all operations of your front office and sets your staff free from monotonous activities. So that they can focus on your customers.

Order management 

The restaurant management system handles dining orders, take-out meals, home delivery and room service efficiently.

List management 

Whether single or multiple, seasonal or regular, this hotel allows you to manage your menus without any hassle.

Restaurant chain management

Run your entire restaurant chain remotely without any difficulty using restaurant software 

Day close: A flawless end to the day

At the end of the day, you most certainly want to get a detailed overview of how you fared, how many customers you welcomed, revenue earned and the whole ball of wax. The day close operation in our online restaurant POS system gives you exactly that, and more; letting you end your day with ease.
  • 2-step process
  • Collect pending payments
  • Notifications
  • Day close reports

100s of menus: Just one system

You know you want to serve new things to your customers everyday. And we want to make it a piece of old tackle for you. You want to offer a new dish everyday? Or want to keep different rates on weekends and during high-peak seasons? Well, all of that and more is handled by the cloud POS system.
  • Manage multiple menus
  • Menu groups and sub-groups
  • Item rates
  • Modifiers

Tables to orders: The whole nine yards

Don’t let the peak hours scare you. You’ve got a 100 tables? And orders more than that? With our online POS system, all of it comes in a day’s work. You get to serve your customers faster with exactly what they’ve asked for; whether dine-in, room service, or takeaway and of course, in a much better way.
  • Dine-in
  • Takeaway
  • Room Service
  • Complimentary orders

Bills, reports n’ more: Accuracy at its best

You may not believe, but generating precise bills for your guests and getting them easily settled improves customer experience. The cloud POS system helps you with this, along with detailed analysis and reports on day-to-day sales, expenses and such likes; aiding you in making business development strategies.
  • Daily sales
  • Audit reports
  • Session-wise sales
  • Tax and discounts
  • Split bills
  • City ledger posting