Smart solutions for the hospitality industry
Smart solutions for the hospitality industry

Smart solutions for the hospitality industry

In the rapidly evolving world of hospitality, smart solutions have become essential to improve business performance and facilitate the management of daily tasks. Our company proudly offers a range of industry-leading solutions, as we strive to provide an efficient and innovative operating environment for hotels and travel agents.

  • Hotel driver program via Odoo:

We offer you a comprehensive program that combines ease of use and advanced technologies. It allows you to easily manage reservations, control inventory, and set prices accurately. The software allows you to track reservations, add payments efficiently, monitor revenues in an advanced way, and provide integration with e-tailing platforms and websites.

  • Integrated accounting software:

The company offers accounting software that integrates seamlessly with hotel operating software. Includes purchases, stores, general accounts, personnel affairs, and points of sale. The software improves accounting processes and simplifies financial management.

  • HotelX Service Management Software:

Hotel X enhances customer experience and improves service quality. Customers can order services from rooms or restaurant using QR codes. The software allows management to effectively monitor orders and revenues, and achieve customer satisfaction by providing fast and efficient services

  • Management software for travel companies and agents:

We provide a comprehensive solution for travel companies and agents, allowing them to manage contracts with hotels, transportation and visas. The software provides complete control over the workflow, allows for value addition of contracts and accurate monitoring of revenue.

  • Software customization:

We understand that every hotel facility has different needs, so we offer the ability to customize all programs according to each client's unique operating environment. All software can be modified and changed to ensure full integration with company operations.

  • In conclusion:

Our company represents the comprehensive solution to improve the performance of the hospitality industry. We seek to provide smart and integrated solutions to meet the aspirations of our customers. Join us on the journey of improving customer experience and achieving high efficiency in operations management.