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  On-premise Hotel PMS

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Now, what exactly is a hotel management software?

A hotel management software a.k.a - a software that streamlines the A-Z of hotel operations. It is a set of fully integrated modules that handle reservation, room operations, housekeeping, guest engagement, banqueting and so. Playing a significant role in increasing a hotel’s efficiency and revenue, the hotel management software has become an inseparable part of hotel management.

Reservation Center

Operations Streamlined to Bring Maximum Efficiency
Quick access coupled with the easy to understand GUI makes it effortless for you to carry out everyday reservation operations. The centralized reservation displays real-time availability of room, rates, guest profiles and other reservation tools enables you to manage every type of reservation scenario. 

Check Availability

 Beautifully Intuitive Interfaces

 Rate and Room Availability

Reservation Management

 Search Reservation

 Guest and Company Profile Management

 Best Rate Management

 Cancellation / No-Show

 Release Reservation Policy

 Booking Confirmation

 Reservation with Minimum Inputs

 Instant Multiple Bookings

 Room or Room Type Booking

Front Desk Operations 

Guest services with a smile

Front Desk is the heart of every hotel’s operations, it acts as the center of operations where majority of the information passes through and processes are triggered. All the information is displayed in an easy GUI with organic process flow making your front desk operations more streamlined and efficient.

Room Allotments



Registration Card and E-Signature

Group Management

 Group Bookings / Reservations

 Group Check-Out

Profile Management

Understand your relationships better

Have easy access to information related to your guest and partners with profile management. Profile management stores all the important information of your guests and partner companies which work closely with your hotel. It keeps records of all the activities individually and is divided into easy to understand groups for easy access when you need it. You can even create custom profile as per the requirement.

 Guest Profile

 Company Profile

 Business Source Profile

 Travel Agent Profile

Rate Management

Flexible rate management for higher revenue

 Linear/Non Linear Rates

Set the linear rate for your hotel by defining weekday and weekend rates, which becomes the base line rate for your hotel. Furthermore, you can also define tariff for extra adult and extra child for the room types.

 Rates Inclusive/Exclusive Tax

Not every service in hotel is taxed and keeping that in mind, we have created a easy to use tool which lets you define which rates are taxable and which are not. In the rate screen, you will be able to easily distinguish between rates inclusive of taxes and rates exclusive of taxes. In addition, you can always change the parameter as per the changing requirement.

  Seasonal Rates

During high seasons, you want to reach the maximum occupancy and yield and for that you need to have the most appropriate rates structure. eZee Front Desk lets you configure season and define rates in the system which will be active for a specific period of time. This configuration updates the rates instantly in the system as soon as the season kicks in. This period can be set as per your discretion and can be modified at any given time by changing the dates, giving you complete control over the seasonal rates.

Revenue Management

Increase your occupancy with optimum yields

 Yield Management

Get more competitive with Yield Management which allows you to regulate special rates based on your hotel’s occupancy level. For example, you can set up two different rates, one when your hotel is at 60% occupancy and another rate for 80% occupancy. The PMS software will automatically update the rate as the hotel reaches the occupancy level. If neither of the conditions are met, the hotel will stay at the default rate level.

 Special Rates for Business Source and Travel Agent

Define special rates for your business partners such as car rentals, local travel agent, travel websites (OTA) and any other company with business relations. Once you have set up individual rates, it will automatically reflect in your bookings by tying it correctly to the source account. This makes it easy for you to keep track transactions taking place with all your business sources and OTAs.

Back Office Operations

  User Roles and Access Rights

  Night Audit

  Shift and Cash Management


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In House Operations

The features and tools for conducting in-house operations have been developed by working closely with the industry experts and keeping in mind the complexity of operations. These features will help you speed-up your housekeeping services, payroll and maintenance with relative ease.

Maintenance Module

Poor maintenance can lead to unhappy guests. The dedicated maintenance module gives you a bird eye view of the hotel’s equipment and their maintenance status. The system keeps track of all the equipment, stock of spare parts and maintenance work. Streamlining your hotel’s maintenance activities is the best way to reduce overall costs.


eZee FrontDesk provides ample options when it comes to creating charges and charges related reports. The system keeps complete log of the all the transactions, giving you complete view of the various charges at your hotel. You can configure variety of charges such as room charges, extra charges, extra adult, extra child and even create a custom charge as per your hotel’s business model.

 Room Charges

 Extra Charges

 Transfer from POS

 Transfer from Telephone System (PABX)

 Transfer from Internet Billing System

 Charges from Pay-out Voucher 

Mobile Application for Instant Hotel Reports

eZee's Mobile App for PMS reports offers a unique opportunity to receive instant summarized reports of reservation and revenue data of your hotel right to your tablet and smart-phone. You can get reports of the current day, period to date and Year to date room revenue as well. Selecting a particular time period for the reports, you can get various reports on your mobile device through eZee iReport

 Revenue Summary with Average Daily Rate

The Revenue Report gives you a summary of the hotel's over all revenue.

 Occupancy Chart

Giving you flash data of the hotel's overall occupancy.

 Room Status Summary

This will give you a snap shot of your property with count of available rooms, sold Room, complementary rooms, expected check-in/out, etc.

 Daily Summary Report

PreZee hotel PMS provides the data of today, period to date and year to date room revenue, extra charges received, miscellaneous sales and more.

 Operational Report

This report gives you the summarized data of the hotel's quarterly performance in terms of Available Rooms, Total Nights Sold et

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Online Distribution

The seamless integration with online booking engine and channel manager will be the solid foundation on which your online distribution will grow exponentially. As soon as you receive a booking from any travel website or your own hotel website, the system will update itself. The revised inventory will be updated automatically across the board and as a fail safe system, we have even included manual update in the system.

 Online Booking Engine

 Channel Manage


eZee FrontDesk has ready integration with more than 300 third party hardware and software providers in the industry from all over the world. The seamless integration enables your hotel to easily adapt eZee FrontDesk for your hotel and smoother operations. Our dedicated tech team works closely with the companies from around the world to keep up with the changing standards worldwide. Click here to see the full list of our interface partners, and if you do not find the company you are looking for, contact us today to get the interface done.

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