eZee Mint

Does  Revenue Optimization  make a difference?

eZee Mint is a robust and intuitive hotel revenue management software that applies intelligent pricing strategies after thorough analysis to optimize your revenue.  

Booking Pattern Analysis

We analyse your booking patterns from the historical data to suggest the best optimization strategy.

Intelligent Pricing Engine

The detailed analysis helps us apply a dynamic pricing strategy using our hotel revenue management system.

Competitor Rate Analysis

The hotel revenue management software keeps an eye on your competitors’ rates across various OTAs.

Automated Reports

With eZee Mint, get access to accurate and detailed reports of your performance.

Outsourcing your hotel revenue optimization to eZee or purchasing a dedicated revenue management solution costs you a fraction of that, in addition to a bundle of more benefits.

How can you calculate the ROI?

Our revenue experts will provide a comparison template to get an overview of your property’s progress. The factors to be considered are:

  • Man-hours saved for rate updates and generating reports.
  • Revenue, ADR, number of rooms booked, ARR, and more.

*If you still believe that the output is not up the notch; no questions asked, simply request a refund.

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